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Our plumbers have spent over 40 years in and around the pipes of St. Louis and know them better than any other plumber.  We are honest, trustworthy and never leave a customer waiting. That’s why our customers span 3 generations!

Cecilia Soibel: “The Lady Plumber,” CEO

The “Lady Plumber” has 42 years of experience, but few people knew her as the face of P.S. Rapp Sewer & Plumbing until a decade ago.

Cecilia's Story

 Cecilia “lady plumber” Soibel has emerged from working behind the scenes at P.S. Rapp Sewer & Plumbing to leading the business from the front.

P.S Rapp was founded over 40 years ago by Peter Soibel in West St. Louis County. The company quickly earned a reputation for its honest and reliable plumbers who get the job done right the first time. Pete’s company gradually expanded to service other parts of St. Louis.

At busy times of the year, his wife Cecilia joined him at jobs working side-by-side, opening sewers and unclogging drains. But her main contribution was behind the scenes, keeping customers happy and promoting the business.


When Pete passed away suddenly, Cecilia found herself at a crossroads. She had to decide whether to close the company or continue. Her beloved husband had put his heart and soul into the business and it was a central part of their life together.

Deep down Cecilia knew Pete would have wanted her to continue, both for her own sake and for their long-term employees who over the years had become like family.

She decided she didn’t want to see it close and took the reins of the company, pushing it forward to new heights.

People were often surprised that this tiny-but-mighty lady could run a successful plumbing and remodeling business and little-by-little she became known as “the lady plumber.” The name stuck and now Cecilia is known all over St. Louis County as the “lady plumber,” a title she carries with pride.

Together with her team of expert plumbers, P.S Rapp continues Pete’s legacy, faithfully fixing plumbing problems and making remodeling dreams come true.
And now with the addition of a new grandson to the family, that legacy may continue for a third generation.

P.S. Rapp’s Expert Plumbing Team

P.S. Rapp’s plumbing team has 80+ years of combined experience. They are all licensed, bonded and insured.